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Product Information

Product name: ZOTAC Gaming Screen GeForce GTX 1660 Super Twin Fan

Brand: ZOTAC

Box size: -Box MID

Color: Dark Silver

Product Features

An innovative cooling system through two better advanced cooling fans performed and rotated velocity.

A cooling fan with a curved code system to obtain maximum speed and a larger System Wade cooling fan to carry out the Heat Chet mission.

Control of card performance through FireStorm.

99% compatibility with most assembly parts from other companies.

Neat design to get fit with most assembly bags and pieces.

Front slots to get the best heat chet.

A flow structure to get the best air distribution of cooling fans.

Multiple delivery outlets to get the best performance through the multiple delivery system.

Product Details

GDDR6 random access memory.

HDMIA port plugin number one.

The port connects Port 1.4 number two entrances.

VR technical support.

Two cooling fans, one with a curved blade system, the second with a larger size.

The heat sink cooler is brass with several dispersal pipes.

CUDA 1536 kernel.

The core speed is 1770 MHz.

Memory transfer speed 192 bits.

X12 version support.

OpenGL 4.5 version support.

Multiple delivery system up to 4 screens at the same time.

8-pin current delivery port.

The rate of consumption of 120wat can run from Bor Splay with running power up to 450w.

Ball dimensions: Length: 17.3 cm Width: 11.15 Depth: 3.53 cm.


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